New video lays out MIPRC’s vision for Midwest passenger rail

November 25, 2019

The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission has released a first-ever video explaining our states’ vision to protect and expand passenger rail service in the Midwest.

Produced by students at Wichita State University’s Elliott School of Communication, the two-minute 47-second video is available on the home page of MIPRC’s website and on YouTube. MIPRC debuted it in October during the organization’s annual meeting and visit to Capitol Hill, where it was played during a briefing for staffers of Midwestern members of Congress and congressional committees with oversight of passenger rail.

“Our new video highlights the history of the MIPRC and the important work that we do to improve and expand intercity passenger rail service throughout the region,” said MIPRC Chair Bob Guy, who is the state director of SMART-Transportation Division’s Illinois Legislative Board. “It also provides concrete reasons why investments in passenger rail greatly benefit communities both big and small, and why those investments must continue to grow.”

MIPRC’s Financial Officer, Indiana Rep. Sharon Negele, agreed.

“Passenger rail is an incredible asset, creating thousands of jobs and connecting people across the Midwest. The new video showcases the future envisioned by the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission and is a reflection of our commitment to the expansion of this project,” she said.