Saskatchewan looking to become ‘destination of choice’ for more international students

April 27, 2022

As part of a broader, long-term economic growth strategy, Saskatchewan has launched several new initiatives to make the province a hub for international education.

To attract students from other countries, the province is hiring and training people to build relations with global recruitment agents who work in the post-secondary sector. It also is supporting initiatives that build the capacity of Saskatchewan’s colleges and universities to offer attractive programs for international students.

Additionally, under a new ambassador program, Saskatchewan students studying abroad will learn ways of promoting the province, while foreign students in Saskatchewan will be exposed to new academic and cultural experiences that build their appreciation of the province.

“International education is a major contributor to the Saskatchewan economy, and this strategy will help position the province as a destination of choice for international students,” Advanced Education Minister Gene Makowsky says.

Strengthening international relationships is a central part of “Saskatchewan’s Growth Plan,” the province’s blueprint for economic prosperity. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, more than 530,000 international students were in Canada in 2020. More than half of them came from two countries: India (34 percent of the total) and China (22 percent). The most popular destination is Ontario, which hosts close to half of Canada’s international students. About 2 percent of the international students were in Saskatchewan. In the United States, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana are among the top state destinations for college students from other countries, according to the Institute of International Education.