Nebraska is one of 11 states in CSG’s Midwestern Legislative Conference. Our snapshot of Nebraska includes information on the state’s three branches of government: key leaders in the executive branch, a partisan breakdown of the legislature, term limits, an overview of the judicial branch, and more.

Tim Anderson serves as CSG Midwest liaison for Nebraska. Please contact Tim with any questions you have or research assistance you need.


Executive Branch
GovernorPete Ricketts
Lieutenant GovernorMike Foley
Secretary of StateRobert Evnen
Attorney GeneralDoug Peterson
TreasurerJohn Murante
AuditorCharlie Janssen
Legislative Branch
Unicameral Legislature
Seats: 49
Average Constituency Size: 37,272
Length of Term: Four years
Term Limit: Two Consecutive terms, but may run again after sitting out four years
Judicial Branch
Highest CourtNebraska Supreme Court
Chief JusticeMichael G. Heavican
Number of Justices7
Method of SelectionGubernatorial appointment from nominating commission
Method of RetentionRetention election