The province of Saskatchewan is a member of CSG’s Midwestern Legislative Conference. Our snapshot provides information on the provincial government of Saskatchewan and its legislature.

Ilene Grossman serves as CSG Midwest liaison for Saskatchewan. Please contact Ilene with any questions you have or research assistance you need.


Key Office
PremierHon. Scott Moe
Deputy PremierHon. Donna Harpauer
SpeakerHon. Randy Weekes
Minister of Justice/Attorney GeneralHon. Bronwyn Eyre
Minister of FinanceHon. Donna Harpauer
Legislative Branch
Saskatchewan Party45
New Democrat Party12
Eligible Elector Population8,780-13,636
Length of termUnder the Canadian Constitution, the term
of government is five years. In Saskatchewan,
however, legislation has been enacted stating that
unless called sooner, a general election must be
held the first Monday of November in the fourth
calendar year after the last general election. The
executive — the Premier and the Cabinet —
remains in place throughout the election period.
Thus, while there is no elected Assembly during
an election, there is a continuous government.
Judicial Branch
Highest CourtCourt of Appeal for Saskatchewan
Chief JusticeRobert G. Richards
Number of Justices8 (plus 2 supernumerary justices)
Method of SelectionAppointed by federal government