Upcoming Event

2024 MLC Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee Meeting



In conjunction with the 78th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Legislative Conference (MLC) in Columbus, Ohio, the MLC Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee will have a pre-conference site tour on Saturday, July 20; a two-hour policy session, discussion and meeting on Sunday, July 21; a joint committee-sponsored site tour on Monday, July 22; and a joint policy session on Tuesday, July 23.

Details on the committee’s activities at the MLC meeting in July can be found below and by viewing the preliminary agenda:

  • The committee-related, pre-preconference site tour on Saturday, July 20, explores the revitalized rural Ohio community of Marion, as well as the economically thriving town of Dublin. It also includes a visit to the restored home of President Warren G. Harding, 29th president of the United States. Separate registration is required; please contact Becky Leis, rleis@csg.org or (630) 925-1922, to reserve a seat or for more information. Light refreshments will be provided.
  • The committee’s meeting on the morning of July 21 — open to all MLC Annual Meeting attendees — will include a presentation on the science policies of soil health, detailing the notion of soil as a natural resource to be preserved in the face of increasing economic and climate pressures. Legislators also will have the chance to participate in a roundtable discussion on a wide variety of agriculture and rural affairs-related topics.
  • The committee, in partnership with the MLC Energy & Environment Committee, will hold a site tour on July 22 that explores The Ohio State University’s Molly Caren Agricultural Center and Savion’s nearby Madison Fields Solar Project. Note: both close-toed footwear and separate registration are required; please contact Becky Leis, rleis@csg.org or (630) 925-1922, to reserve a seat or for more information.
  • These same committees are sponsoring a joint policy session on Tuesday, July 23, that will explore results of the U.S. Supreme Court’s pending rulings on the Chevron doctrine, which is used by the federal courts to determine when to defer to an administrative agency’s interpretation of the statutes it administers.