Manitoba is one of three Canadian affiliate provinces in CSG’s Midwestern Legislative Conference. Our snapshot provides information on the provincial government of Manitoba and its legislature.


Key Offices
PremierHon. Heather Stefanson
Deputy Premier and Minister of FinanceHon. Cliff Cullen
SpeakerHon. Myrna Driedger
Minister of Justice and Attorney GeneralHon. Kelvin Goertzen
Legislative Branch
Progressive Conservative35
New Democratic Party18
Eligible Elector Population20,815-24,260
Length of termEvery Legislative Assembly shall continue for
five years from the 10th day after the
day upon which polling takes place for
the general election of members; but
the Lieutenant Governor may at any
time dissolve the Assembly if he or she
deems it advisable.
Term limitsNo term limits
Judicial Branch
Highest CourtThe Manitoba Court of Appeal
Chief JusticeHon. Marianne Rivoalen
Number of Justices11
Method of SelectionAppointed by federal government