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2024 MLC Health & Human Services Committee Meeting



In conjunction with the 78th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Legislative Conference (MLC), the MLC Health & Human Services Committee will meet on Sunday, July 21, in Columbus, Ohio, and hold a stand-alone policy session on Monday, July 22.

Details on the committee’s activities at the MLC meeting in July can be found below and by viewing the preliminary agenda:

  • The committee’s meeting on the morning of July 21 — open to all MLC Annual Meeting attendees — will include a presentation on Ohio’s ambitious plan to transform its systems of child services and child welfare, including an innovative partnership with the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption to find permanent, loving homes for young people lingering in foster care. Legislators also will have the chance to participate in a roundtable discussion on a wide variety of health and human services-related topics.
  • The committee will hold a session on Monday, July 22, that explores policy options for states to expand the availability of quality maternal care services. As part of this interactive session, lawmakers will learn about Ohio’s new community-based Comprehensive Maternal Care model for pre- and post-natal care.