Shutdown Commercial Nuclear Reactors in the Midwest

BWR = Boiling Water Reactor
OCM = Organically Cooled and Moderated (reactor)
PWR = Pressurized Water Reactor
SCF = Sodium-Cooled Fast (reactor)
SCGM = Sodium-Cooled, Graphite-Moderated (reactor)
Sources: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Information Digest, 2021-22 (NUREG-1350, Volume 33), Appendix C; Davis, Will, September 24, 2011, "APR Atomic Journal - Elk River Part 2," accessed August 25, 2022; Wall Street Journal, October 29, 2013, "Hallam Nuclear Power Facility," access August 25, 2022; DOE Office of Legacy Management, "Piqua Fact Sheet," accessed August 25, 2022
StateReactorCityTypePower (MWt)Commercial OperationShut DownDecomm. Status
IllinoisDresden 1MorrisBWR70019591978SAFSTOR
IllinoisZion 1ZionPWR3,25019731997DECON in Progress
IllinoisZion 2ZionPWR3,25019731996DECON in Progress
IowaDuane ArnoldPaloPWR1,91219742020SAFSTOR
MichiganBig Rock PointCharlevoixBWR24019641997DECON Completed
MichiganFermi 1NewportSCF20019631972SAFSTOR
MinnesotaElk RiverElk RiverBWR58.219651968DECON Completed
NebraskaFort CalhounFt. CalhounPWR1,50019732016SAFSTOR
NebraskaHallamHallamSCGM24019621964DECON Completed
South DakotaPathfinderSioux FallsBWR19019661967DECON Completed
WisconsinLa CrosseGenoaBWR16519671987DECON in Progress