Past Event

2023 MLC Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee Meeting



In conjunction with the 77th Annual Meeting of the Midwestern Legislative Conference (MLC) in Detroit, the MLC Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee will meet on Sunday, July 9, and hold a policy session on Tuesday, July 11. The July 9 meeting — open to all MLC Annual Meeting attendees – will include a presentation on emerging opportunities for states, provinces, agriculture producers and rural areas in this region under new federal policies being enacted or under consideration on both sides of the border.

The session on Tuesday, July 11, is titled the “Future of Farmland in the Midwest.” Led by an expert panel, participants will learn about trends regarding the loss of farmland in the Midwest, policy options for states, and the potential of approaches such as “agrivoltaics” to allow a co-use of land for agriculture production and renewable energy development.