Past Event

Closing the Digital Gap: Steps to Bring Broadband Access to the Midwest’s K-12 Students, Businesses and Communities



Hosted by the MLC policy committees: Agriculture & Natural Resources, Economic Development and Education

The Midwest’s policymakers are viewing broadband access as an essential part of their K-12 education systems and their broader economic development strategies. This webinar looked at the current gap in access among certain students, businesses and communities. The webinar also held discussions on how states help reduce these disparities, what strategies are being tried in the Midwest and what are some examples of regional success stories.


  • Rep. Rick Carfagna, Ohio
  • Mr. Jack Lynch, State Engagement Director for EducationSuperHighway
  • Dr. Carolyn Orr, CSG Midwest Staff Liaison, Midwestern Legislative Conference Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee

Webinar slides