Past Event

Ethanol production in the Midwest: The state of the industry and future outlook


October 29, 2021 11:00 a.m. –
12:30 p.m. CT

Hosted by the MLC Economic Development Committee in partnership with MLC Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee as part of the “Promoting Growth and Shared Prosperity for a Better Midwest” webinar series.

North America is the largest producer of ethanol fuel, and the states and provinces that make up CSG Midwest are home to 82 percent of ethanol biorefineries and account for 87 percent of the ethanol fuel production in North America. And recent projections show that ethanol production will be on the rise in coming months.

The availability and use of ethanol fuel strengthens national security and reduces transportation energy costs, while also serving as a source of jobs and economic activity in the Midwest region. The production of that ethanol is responsible domestically for about 70,000 direct jobs, $43 billion in gross domestic product, and $23 billion in household income. Ethanol currently adds $1.27 to every bushel of corn produced in the Midwest.

The MLC Economic Development Committee and the MLC Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee hosted a discussion of the ethanol industry in the Midwest. How have our states invested in ethanol? How does the U.S. EPA impact ethanol production and use? What are the challenges and outlook for the ethanol industry looking ahead?


Ethanol in Minnesota Today and Beyond
Bob Patton
Supervisor, Energy and Environment Section
Agriculture Marketing and Development Section
Minnesota Department of Agriculture

Ethanol Industry Outlook
Troy Bredenkamp
Senior Vice President, Government & Public Affairs
Renewable Fuels Association

Renewable Fuel Opportunities with Ethanol
Josh Roe
Vice President of Market Development and Policy
Kansas Corn Growers


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