Past Event

Rural Responses to Natural Disasters



Hosted by the MLC Agriculture & Natural Resources Committee

This webinar focused on the devastating derecho that began early on August 10 in southeastern South Dakota and finally ended in northern Indiana late in the afternoon. The group also talked about wildfires, hurricanes and floods. As instances of extreme weather become more common and the federal response to disaster remains fragmented, local communities increasingly bear the burden of coordinating disaster recovery and planning for resilience to future events with few resources. Rural communities must respond differently to these disasters than urban areas.

  • Dr. Scott M. Collis, Atmospheric Scientist and Department Head, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Mr. Mike Naig, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture
  • Minister Ralph Eichler, Minister of Economic Development & Training, Manitoba
  • Representative Paul Anderson, Minnesota, Co-Chair, MLC Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee


  • Rep. Norine Hammond, Illinois, Co-Chair, MLC Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee
  • Senator Jim Dotzenrod, North Dakota, Vice Chair, MLC Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee