Past Event

School Closures & E-Learning in the Time of COVID-19



Hosted by the MLC Education Committee

This webinar provided details on the varying types of e-learning plans in place in K-12 schools; explored the potential impacts on student achievement; and examined the policy implications for states, provinces and their legislators.

  • South Dakota Sen. Jim Bolin, Co-Chair, MLC Education Committee
  • Minnesota Rep. Mary Kunesh-Podein, Co-Chair, MLC Education Committee
  • Ohio Sen. Hearcel Craig, Vice Chair, MLC Education Committee
  • Sean Gill, Research Analyst, Center on Reinventing Public Education
  • Georgia Heyward, Research Analyst, Center on Reinventing Public Education Minnesota
  • Jeff Plaman, Digital and Online Learning Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
  • Adosh Unni, Director of Government Relations, Minnesota Department of Education

Webinar slides