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Medicaid Policy in 2024: A Look at the Year Ahead, and the Ongoing Role of Legislative Oversight [Past Webinar]



In this Dec. 13 webinar, one of the nation’s leading policy experts on Medicaid examined important recent developments in this critical public insurance program, as well as some of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for state legislators and other leaders. Participants also learned about the tools and options available to the legislative branch regarding oversight of Medicaid, which made up close to 30 percent of total state spending in fiscal year 2023 and provides health insurance to about 20 percent of the people living in the United States. Resources from the webinar are now available.


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This webinar reflects The Council of State Governments’ ongoing commitment to providing legislators and other leaders with learning and collaboration opportunities in key policy areas such as Medicaid and health care. At the regional level, CSG Midwest provides staff support to the Midwestern Legislative Conference’s Health & Human Services Committee. This committee helped organize and lead the Dec. 13 webinar. At the national level, CSG holds an annual Medicaid Policy Academy and is the convener of several interstate, inter-branch working groups on health care.