New Michigan law will have state building own stockpile of emergency medical supplies

November 16, 2021

To be better prepared for future health emergencies, Michigan will begin stockpiling medical supplies and posting its inventory online. HB 4087, signed into law in October, also requires the state Department of Health and Human Services to give purchasing preference to Michigan-made medical supplies. Foreign goods or services cannot be used if “competitively priced and comparable quality American goods or services are available.”

The bill’s sponsor was Rep. Jeff Yaroch, a paramedic and former firefighter, who says the state should not rely solely on the Strategic National Stockpile to meet its emergency needs. The publicly available website will include information on the types and quantities of supplies and equipment in Michigan’s stockpile, as well as expiration dates.

A fiscal note on HF 4807 says the state may use federal emergency preparedness grants to begin making the necessary purchases. Under federal legislation passed by the U.S. House in October (HR 3635), states would receive assistance in creating or expanding their inventory of essential medical equipment and supplies. That same federal measure also aims to improve the National Strategic Stockpile. It calls for increases in funding to replenish supplies, regular inspections of the inventory, and establishment of a $500 million pilot program to boost domestic manufacturing of essential medical supplies and equipment.