Under the Dome

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Customized professional development training delivered to your state capital

CSG Midwest’s Under the Dome initiative reflects a commitment that the Midwestern Legislative Conference has made to bring more in-state training to its members: the region’s state legislators.

With help and guidance from legislative leadership in individual states, Under the Dome delivers customized training to lawmakers inside their state capitols or virtually, including briefings covering important policy areas and workshops focused on professional development and consensus building.

The stained glass ceiling of the Illinois State Capitol dome.
Policy Topics

Whether Midwestern legislators are studying a topic, proposing legislation, or
debating an issue, CSG Midwest can design a workshop to assist lawmakers better
understand and navigate the issue area of interest.

Here is a sampling of the most popular policy topics requested by legislators.

  • Fiscal and Economic Trends
  • Criminal Justice
  • Transportation & Passenger Rail
  • Education
  • Health Care & Human Services
  • Great Lakes Issues
“ CSG Midwest’s Under the Dome program helps legislators navigate an increasingly complex policymaking environment. ”
— Sen. Ed Charbonneau
Professional Development Workshops

CSG Midwest can help advance legislative and leadership skills by customizing a professional development workshop.

Potential workshop topics include:

  • Civil Discourse
  • Social Media Communication Strategies
  • Cross-Generational Difference and Collaboration
  • Creating Culture of Excellence through Ethics and Civility
  • Media Skills
  • Communications and Public Speaking
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Time and Attention Management
  • Conflict Resolution
“ Training offered by CSG will definitely equip you to better serve your constituents. An additional benefit of this in-state training is that it provides opportunities for you and your colleagues to build relationships that will lead to better governing. ”
— Former Senator Frank LaRose
Ohio Secretary of State
Request a Topic

CSG Midwest has in-house experts and a network of outside experts covering an extensive range of topics and skill sets. We will identify the expert needed to develop a workshop that will benefit the legislature most.

Training can be delivered in-person or through a virtual platform.


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For more information, contact Laura Tomaka, CSG Midwest’s director of policy and professional development, at 630.925.1922.