Presentations from 2022 meeting in Kansas

July 10 | MLC Criminal Justice & Public Safety Committee Meeting
July 10 | MLC Economic Development Committee Meeting
July 10 | MLC Education Committee Meeting
July 10 | MLC Health & Human Services Committee Meeting
July 10 | MLC Fiscal Affairs Committee Meeting
July 10 | MLC Midwest-Canada Relations Committee Meeting
July 11 | Keynote Session on The Factors Shaping the Midwest and Its Communities
July 11 | From the Ground Up: Strategies for Rural Community Leaders
July 11 | Close to Home: Policies to Support Family Caregivers and Home- and Community-Based Care
July 11 | Postsecondary Access and Affordability: Policy Options for States
July 12 | MLC Chair’s Initiative Session on Water
July 12 | MLC Session on the Future of Transportation in the Nation’s Heartland
July 12 | How the Supply Chain Crunch Is Affecting the Agriculture and Energy Sectors
July 12 | The Changing Economy and Fiscal Conditions of the States
July 12 | How Smaller Firms Engage in the Canada-U.S. Supply Chain
July 12 | The STEM Pipeline: How and Why to Create New Pathways in These Fields