Midwestern Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee (MRMTC)

Organized in 1989, CSG’s Midwestern Radioactive Materials Transportation Committee brings the Midwestern states together to identify, prioritize and work with the U.S. Department of Energy to resolve regional issues related to the department’s transport of radioactive waste and materials, including spent nuclear fuel.

The committee originally focused on the future shipments planned by the DOE’s Office of Civilian Radioactive Waste Management. Since 1998, however, the committee has also worked with the DOE’s Environmental Management program to address shipments of waste resulting from the cleanup of former defense plants. Committee members from states on the shipping routes have worked with the DOE to plan several shipping campaigns involving transuranic waste and spent nuclear fuel traveling through the Midwest.

The committee comprises representatives of the executive and legislative branches of government in 12 Midwestern states: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. The committee is the primary forum through which the Midwestern states have been, and will continue to be, involved in planning and preparing for DOE’s shipments. State legislators on the committee are appointed by the chair of the Midwestern Legislative Conference.

Committee Information

Committee Roster

Co-Chair: Tad Rumas, Ohio

Co-Chair: Mark Paulson, Wisconsin

IllinoisKelly Horn, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
Alternate: Rodney Pitchford, Illinois Emergency Management Agency
The Honorable Ram Villivalam, Illinois Senate
IndianaCourtney Eckstein, Indiana Department of Homeland Security
Alternate: Fernando Flores Carlos, Indiana Department of Homeland Security
The Honorable Eric Koch, Indiana Senate
IowaGlenn Goode, Iowa State Patrol
Alternate: Patty Riesberg, Iowa Department of Health and Human Services
KansasDr. Swapan Saha, Kansas Division of Emergency Management
The Honorable Mark Schreiber, Kansas House of Representatives
MichiganThe Honorable Erin Byrnes, Michigan House of Representatives,
Greg Gothard, Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy
MinnesotaThe Honorable Amanda Hemmingsen-Jaeger, Minnesota House of Representatives
Aaron Kallunki, Minnesota Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
MissouriRyan Seabaugh, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
Alternate: Justin Buckler, Missouri Department of Natural Resources
NebraskaMackinley (Mack) Johnson, Nebraska Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)
North DakotaDavid Stradinger, North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality
OhioTad Rumas, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
Alternate: Pasquale "Patsy" Razzano, Ohio Emergency Management Agency
South DakotaNick Emme, South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources
The Honorable Trish Ladner, South Dakota House of Representatives
WisconsinRuhamah Bauman, Wisconsin Emergency Management
Alternate: Mark Paulson, Wisconsin Department of Health Services

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Committee Rules
Summaries of Committee Meetings

Upcoming Events

The committee will hold its Spring 2024 Meeting in Denver, Colorado, on June 6, in conjunction with the 2024 Annual Meeting of the National Transportation Stakeholders Forum.

Summaries and Other Information from Past Meetings

October: Carlsbad, New Mexico
May: St. Louis, Missouri
November: Columbus, Ohio
June: Jefferson City, Missouri
October: Rapid City, South Dakota
June: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November: Carlsbad, New Mexico
June: Cedar Rapids, Iowa
December: Chicago, Illinois
June: Virtual Meeting
October: Okemos, Michigan
May: Traverse City, Michigan
November: Virtual Meeting
May: Virtual Meeting
November: Columbus, Ohio
June: Topeka, Kansas
November: Indianapolis, Indiana
June: Arlington, Virginia
December: Chicago, Illinois
June: Lincoln, Nebraska
October: Madison, Wisconsin
June: Omaha, Nebraska
October: Carlsbad, New Mexico
May: Overland Park, Kansas
December: Cincinnati, Ohio
June: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
October: Orlando, Florida
October: Orlando, Florida (Tri-Regional Meeting)
November: St. Louis, Missouri
June: Orlando, Florida
October: Madison, Wisconsin
May: Minneapolis, Minnesota
November: Des Moines, Iowa
May: Albuquerque, New Mexico
November: Indianapolis, Indiana
June: Kansas City, Missouri
November: Traverse City, Michigan
May: Bloomington, Minnesota
December: Clive, Iowa
May: Chicago, Illinois
December: Kansas City, Kansas
May: Buffalo, New York
December: Las Vegas, Nevada
December: Las Vegas, Nevada (Second Joint Meeting)
November: Omaha, Nebraska
May: Knoxville, Tennessee
December: Chicago, Illinois
May: Chicago, Illinois
December: Carlsbad, New Mexico
May: Denver, Colorado
November: Charlotte, North Carolina (CSG/SSEB Routing Workshop)
April: Chicago, Illinois
December: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
May: Chicago, Illinois
June: Las Vegas, Nevada
October: Minneapolis, Minnesota
November: Chicago, Illinois
May: South Bend, Indiana
December: Lombard, Illinois
June: Indianapolis, Indiana
November: Columbus, Ohio
May: Chicago, Illinois
Committee Publications and Resources
Committee Correspondence

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