Fiscal Affairs

The Midwestern Legislative Conference regularly tracks and reports on issues related to state budgets and fiscal policy. Additionally, it typically holds a roundtable discussion and session for the region’s fiscal leaders at the MLC’s Annual Meeting. It will do so again in conjunction with the 2024 Midwestern Legislative Conference Annual Meeting, which will be held July 21-24 in Columbus, Ohio.

The MLC’s goal is to provide a forum for state and provincial legislators to exchange information on fiscal conditions in the region as well as to learn about best practices in budget management. This work is led by Kansas Rep. Troy Waymaster and Minnesota Rep. Fue Lee. For information, please contact CSG Midwest director Laura Tomaka.

Leadership on MLC's Work on Fiscal Issues

Fue Lee
Representative Fue Lee
Minnesota, MLC Fiscal Affairs Roundtable Co-Chair
Troy Waymaster
Representative Troy Waymaster
Kansas, MLC Fiscal Affairs Roundtable Co-Chair